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Containment/Glove Box

When handling highly active materials including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), containment in the Glove Box to ensure safety of the operator is necessary. Our Glove Box can be manufactured to various levels, from OEL level of 0.1 to 100ƒΚg/m3. Integration of any process devices, from measuring, dispensing, filling, analyzing, milling, mixing, and granulating, to the containment system is available.

Glove Box

Custom made glove box with the OEL level of 0.1`100ƒΚg/m3. Containment of various process equipments is possible.

Charge Point

Charge Point is a unit of split butterfly valves for transferring highly activated materials. This system is available for any occasions in the pharmaceutical processes.

Bag Fit

It is a disposable type soft isolator. The required part can be contained pinpoint.


The valve insures a perfect tightness because of the expanding piston.