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Mill Box

Product Outline

Mill Box is a glove box that contains a GMP design pulverizer which mills high activated materials such as active pharmaceutical ingredients. It achieves OEL level less than 1μg/m3 and meets the latest requirements for the high containment technology. Considering the handling of the mill inside the glove box, we improved the parts dramatically for easy assembling/disassembling work, partially with the bolt-free structure.


Pharmaceutical materials, Chemicals, Fine powder less than sub-micron, Highly activated materials


  • By combining with Charge Point, transferring of highly activated material becomes possible without any leakage.
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  • Mill inside the glove box implements direct-drive motor and double gas sealing to prevent risks of cross-contaminations.
  • From either a cylinder type air lock or a rapid transfer port, it is possible to transfer the material inside the glove box.
  • Lift up window & oval shape type glove point.
  • Completely automatic N2 purge system for keeping O2 concentration less than 5% at any time.
  • Disassembling, cleaning, and assembling works of the mill is possible under complete containment condition, without opening the glove box.

Practical Use

  • It is possible to implement a feeder inside the glove box.
  • Custom-made design is available.