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Hammer Mill (HM)

Product Outline

HM is a primary/second pulverizer. HM aims at crushing relatively big raw materials, with the maximum size around 80mm, by swing hammer or chip hammer fixed to the rotor. Screen can be attached so the particle distribution can be controlled.


Mineral ores, Biomass feedstock, Construction debris, Synthetic resin, Chemical agent, various off-grade materials


  • Robust and simple structure.
  • As needed, hammer, screen, and liner to housing can be provided with anti-abrasion treatment.

Practical Use

  • High-temperature raw materials can be crushed.
  • It is possible to construct a closed-circuit system utilizing inert gas.


Type HM-3 HM-5 HM-600
Hammer Type Chip (CH) Swing (SH) Chip (CH) Swing (SH) Chip (CH) Swing (SH)
Required Drive (KW) 2.2`3.7 5.5`7.5 7.5`11 30 37
Maximum speed of rotation (min-1) 1800 1300 2500 1800 2000 1500
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.