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Goblin (GOB)

Product Outline

GOB is a high-speed cryogenic impact mill to crush materials which are too elastic and difficult to mill at ambient temperatures. Inside the machine, cryogenic environment is created by liquid nitrogen (-196) as cooling media, to mill plastic, rubber, wax, etc. Since there is no concern about temperature rise during milling, GOB is suitable for crushing materials such as foods and aroma chemical, whose flavor is essential. The crusher consists of material feeder, liquid nitrogen tank, and product tank. The system is complete in this single machine.


Pharmaceutical products *Foods *Aroma chemical *Resin *Rubber *Wax


  • Materials which are too elastic at ambient temperatures can be crushed.
  • Since there is no temperature rise of the materials during milling, foods and aroma chemical can be crushed without losing their flavor.

Practical Use

  • GOB can be incorporated in production line to construct the milling system.


Drive Power
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.