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Cosmo Box

Product Outline

Cosmobox is a glove box with a classifier-built-in mill installed. Compared with the existing system utilizing jet mills, exhaust air volume is extremely low. Operation can be made for low running cost. Built-in mill called "Cosmomizer" has a function as a classifier as well. The structure is simple and compact so that disassembly/cleaning/reassembly can be easily done in the glove box.


Pharmaceutical product *Chemicals and Fine chemicals * High potent materials including submicron to nanoparticles.


  • By utilizing Charge Points, you can put in and out high potent materials without leaking them outside the glove box.
    >> Charge Point
  • Mill adopts direct drive and double gas seal so the possible cross contamination concerned can be eliminated.
  • It is possible to transfer the product either from cylinder-type Air-lock chamber or Rapid transfer port (RTP) to the glove box.
  • Hatch window with oval glove port.
    Automated nitrogen purge system can always keep the oxygen content lower than 5%.
  • Without opening the glove box, you can disassemble, clean, and re-assemble the mill in complete containment.

Practical Use

  • Raw material feeder can be set inside the glove box.
  • We offer customized system design as per your request.