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Nara Hybridization System (NHS)

Product Outline

NHS is a technology for surface modification and preparation of composite materials of fine particles by dry powder process. The raw materials is dispersed in a high speed air flow and processed by a mechanical impact force. Development of new materials or high improvement of conventional materials can be achieved by surface modification of particles or making powder composites. Fixing or filming process by fine particles on the core particles is processed in a very short time, e.g. 3 minutes. This technology is applied in various application fields with infinite combinations of powder materials. Rounding of irregular shaped particles is also possible.


  • Toner
  • Battery Materials
  • Luminescent materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Paints, Pigments
  • Catalysts
  • Cosmetics
  • Electroceramics
  • Polishing materials
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Optical Materials
  • Coating
  • Filming
  • Rounding of irregular shaped particles
  • Precise Mixing


  • It can be applied to the following purposes: improvement of dispersion, improvement of fluidizaton, improvement of wettability, protection of reactions, controlled-release, improvement of electric or magnetic properties, improvement of catalic properties, improvement of color, surface structure control, improvement of weather resistance, improvement of light resistance, improvement of solubility, improvement of sintering properties, etc.
  • It has high versatility, since the combination of powder materials are infinite.
  • Dispersion of particles are excellent, since the particles are processed in a high speed air flow.
  • Closed system with inert gas to prevent oxidization of materials, e.g. metal fine particles is possible.
  • It is a solvent-free, dry powder coating process.
  • Coating by spraying small amount of solvents is also possible.


Type NHS-0 NHS-1 NHS-2 NHS-3 NHS-4 NHS-5
Power(kW) 2.2 11 22 45 90 185
Powder amount (g/batch) 50 400 800 1600 3200 6400
Rotor Diameter (mm) 118 230 330 470 670 948
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.