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Mini - Extruder

Product Outline

Extruder provides a technology to extrude materials and form uniform solid dispersions with twin screws and precisely temperature controlled barrels. Because it is possible to extrude at the smallest scale, Mini-Extruder is suitable for tests using rare materials or tests that need to attempt many formulation.


  • Solubility enhancement of poorly-water-soluble drugs
  • Sustained-release formulation
  • Taste masking
  • Polymer compounds


  • Tests with small amount of materials are possible.
  • Our extruders are easy to clean and corresponds easily to cleaning validation.
  • Modular-screw design enables flexible settings for the screw configuration.
  • The units are very compact, require only limited space and can be easily stored in isolators for highly, active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Feeders, conveyor belt, cutting heads , granulators and spheronizer for all extrusion applications are available upon request.

Practical Use

・The modular design of the screw
We offer modular screws with specific conveyor segments for kneading, mixing, compressing, pressing,
relaxing, or backwards conveying. The modular components can be replaced and reconfigured at any time.
This allows flexible and ideal adaptation to different formulations.


Type ZE-5 ZE-9 ZE-12
Diameter of Screw(mm) 5 9 12
Number of barrels
(Feeding zone + Heating zone)
Capacity 1g/min〜
Material of powder contact areas SUS316L
Temperature(℃) 230℃(MAX.)
Number of revolution(min-1 MAX500
(According to specification)
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.
Product specifications and equipment are subject to change without any liabilities of the maker.


Raw materials:Mixed powder(IM 1:Kollidon 9)

・XRD profiles show amorphous structure of the extrudate.

〈ZE-9 Operating condition〉
Number of revolution:150min-1
Temperature of barrels:Feeding zone 80℃, Heating zone 170℃