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Product Outline

Extruder provides a technology to extrude materials and form uniform solid dispersions with twin screws and precisely temperature controlled barrels. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, solubility of poorly soluble drugs can be enhanced by preparation of solid dispersion of the drug and various polymers/excipients. Applications for sustained-release formulation and taste masking are also possible.


  • Solubility enhancement of poorly-water-soluble drugs
  • Sustained-release formulation
  • Taste masking


  • Screws have a modular design, so that screw elements can be combined in the most suitable combination depending on the formulation and purpose of the customer.
  • Barrels also have a modular design, and temperature of each barrel can be precisely controlled for optimal condition for each formulation.
  • System can be provided by combining the extruder with material feeder, pre-mixing, pulverizer of extrudate, sizing, etc., as upstream and/or downstream equipments.
  • It is a continuous process.
  • Very uniform solid dispersions are obtained.
  • We offer product lineups from small lab-scale to large production-scale.
  • It is a solvent-free process.


Type Capacity (kg/h) Drive Power(kW) Applications
Nano-16 40-85 1.5 Lab-scale for R&D
ZSE-18 100-200 1.5 Pilot-scale extruders excellent in cleaning performance
cGMP Manufacturing - Easy to disassemble and clean
ZSE-27 140-290 2.2-3.7
ZSE-40 180-370 3.7-5.5
ZSE-50 260-550 5.5-7.5
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.