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Nara Tower Dryer (NTD)

Product Outline

Nara Tower Dryer (NTD) is a direct heat type dryer used for the decreasing-rate drying zone. This dryer is suitable for drying pellet-shaped resin, because the pellet is constantly discharged from the dryer (Piston-flow function). The hot gas is supplied from the bottom of the tower through the perforated plate and is exhausted from the top of the tower. The material is fed from the top of the tower, gradually falling down with gravity, while the pellet is dried by heat exchange with the hot gas from the bottom. Then, the dried pellet is discharged from the bottom of the tower. The hot gas is uniformly dispersed due to the structure of the perforated plate and the bottom casing of the tower, and prevents the wind drift by the installation of the inner pipe. Rotary valves will be used at inlet and outlet of the dryer which functions as air locks.


  • Pellet of PET, POM, AS, PS, etc.
  • Pellet of fertilizer, feed, food, etc.


  • Excellent in piston-flowability because the material is naturally falling down to the bottom of the tower due to the gravity, and the residence time is kept uniform.
  • Discharge amount of material is controllable by changing the rotation number of the rotary valve at the discharge. Therefore, the residence time of the material can be controlled easily.
  • The special structure of the perforated plate and the inner pipe enables mass flow of the materials and the flow of the hot air to be uniformly dispersed, therefore uniform products can be achieved.
  • There is no material damage because the material flows extremely slowly.
  • The cost efficiency is excellent for the material which requires long residence time for reaching extremely low moisture content.


Type NTD-0.3 - NTD-3.0
Diameter of Tower (mm) 300 - 3000
Height (m) 1.85 - 12
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.