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Multi Fin Processor (NFP)

Product Outline

Contrary to our Paddle Dryer, which is an indirect heat transfer dryer suitable in wide range from constant-rate drying zone to decreasing-rate drying zone, NFP is a dryer specialized in decreasing-rate drying zone. NFP consists of shafts fixed with fin shaped blades and a jacketed trough. Heating medium such as steam, etc. is supplied to the shaft and jacket. Processed material is preliminarily heated or pre-heated at the inlet part of NFP before feeding, and is held for a constant residence time and then dried in the decreasing-rate zone.


Unit operation
Drying, Solvent recovery, Sterilization, Reaction, etc.
Shape of Processed Material
Wide range of particle size and shape, such as fine powder, granule, pellets, flakes


  • NFP consists of two shafts fixed with a large number of fan-shaped plate fins arranged along the axial direction. Therefore the partition effect towards the axial direction is high and the processed material moves at uniform residence time distribution, with close to a piston-flow condition.
  • The agitating blades fixed among the fins have almost no dead space by scraping up the material on the inner surface of the trough, therefore the material is discharged in a short time.
  • Since agitating efficiency is high, for the decreasing-rate drying where gas contact is effective, it has the advantage to shorten the drying time or lowering the attained moisture content. With an optional gas blow-in mechanism from the bottom of the trough, a more active gas contact can be obtained.
  • The shafts of the NFP rotate at low rotation speed of 10`30min-1, therefore, abrasion of the powder contacting parts and breakage of particles are almost negligible.


Type NFP-1.6W - NFP-14W
Diameter of Blade 160mm - 1,400mm
Heat Transfer Area 1.5m2 - 64.8m2
Effective Volume 0.089m3 - 21.0m3
Power 1.5kW - 55/75~2kW
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.