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Glass Filter Dryer (GFD)

Product Outline

It is a small size, desk-top filter dryer. With one machine, it can carry out suction filtration of slurry and vacuum drying. The product can be obtained as dry crystalline powders. It is also possible to perform production machine studies of filters dryer with a lab scale. Glass vessel, basket type filter which can be removed, etc. serve as a design which is easy to use as a research equipment.


Fine chemical
Rare metals, precious metals recovery


  • It can be placed easily on a laboratory desk and saves space due to the small size.
  • You can visualize the drying process due to the transparent glass vessel.
  • The five nozzles on the vessel top cover, allows connection to reactors, temperature sensors, etc.
  • The vessel has a jacket structure therefore vacuum drying with heating is possible.
  • A basket type filter can be taken out easily from the vessel, and yield of the dried powders is high.

Practical Use

  • It can be connected in-line with reactors.
  • It can be applied to high active materials, by a combination with a containment system.


Filter Cake VolumeiLj 0.3 2 10
Filtration Areai‡uj 0.002 0.01 0.05