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Continuous Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (C-FBD, CT-FBD)

Product Outline

Fluidized Bed Dryer is a dryer that uses the functions of fluidization, such as excellent mixing, gas dispersion, and heat exchanging. By installing heat exchanging tubes or plates, high heating efficiency is realized without increasing the hot gas volume.


Drying, Solvent recovery, Cooling, Heating (Crystallization), etc.
Synthetic Resin (PVC, PP, PE, ABS, MBS, PPS, etc), foods, chemicals, fertilizer, feed, agrichemicals, ceramics, pigment, etc.


  • Materials dried in a constant-rate drying are processed in a wet-bulb temperature, enabling drying to low moisture content, under a relatively low temperature.
  • Minimized damage to the material. Suitable for granules or crystallized materials.
  • High drying efficiency by installing the heat exchanging tubes or panels, which cover 80% of heat exchange process.
  • Required gas amount is small due to the large heat exchanging area of tubes or plates installed inside the FBD. Therefore, the sizes of each equipment of the system, such as the fluidized bed body, blowers, and dust collecting is minimized.
  • Easy to remove the heat exchanging media. CIP unit is also available.
  • Large size FBD for mass production is available (past record of 102m2).
  • Drying and cooling can be done in one unit.


Type CT-FBD-0.24 - CT-FBD-102
Bed Area 0.24m2 - 102m2
Heat Transfer Area 1.4m2 - 1100m2
Effective Volume 0.06m3 - 76.5m3
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.