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Glove Box

Product Outline

Glove Box works effectively to protect an operator who handles API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and high potent drugs. OEL level of 0.1 to 100 microgram/m3 can be achieved by our glove box. Also, various process equipments such as weigh scale, dispenser, filler, analyzer, mill, blender, and granulator can be contained in the glove box.


  • API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients)
  • Fine particles in the nano-scale
  • High potent chemicals


  • Any level of OEL ranging from 0.1 to 100 microgram/m3 can be achieved.
  • Weight scale, dispenser, analyzer, blender, granulator, etc. can be contained in the glove box and easily used by the operator.
  • It has an oval port which proves the highest operability.
  • Hatch window made from anti-solvent-coated plastic is excellent in crash-proof.
  • Options such as CIP, ultraviolet sterilizer, ionizer, etc. are available.
  • Based on the latest technology in the EU and the U.S.A., the glove box is designed and manufactured in Japan. After-sales service is available domestically.


*NARA will design and manufacture any glove box to contain various process equipments based on our rich experiences and mock-up tests all around the world.