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Charge Point

Product Outline

Charge Point is a unit of split butterfly valves for transferring highly activated materials. This system is available for any occasions in the pharmaceutical processes. Charge Point is comprised of active part and passive part. By docking both parts, the valve becomes one unit of butterfly valve. Then, open/close process and transferring of powders in a contained condition becomes possible. After transferring the powder, valves are closed and separated. At this time, the inner side of each valve is kept clean because it does not touch the powder material.


  • Handling of pharmaceutical materials
  • Handling of materials which requires protection from oxidization.
  • Handling of activated materials.


  • OEL less than 10ƒÊg/m3 is possible with a standard type. With the combination of options such as the vortex system, OEL less than 1ƒÊg/m3 can be achieved.
  • FV`0.6MPa(Gauge) is available with pressure resistance types.
  • We offer various options such as CIP system, feeding system, docking station, sight glass, etc.


  • Feeding and discharging of materials to IBC containers.
  • Feeding materials to reactors.
  • Feeding and discharging materials to glove box.


  • Valve diameter is available with 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm.
  • Any types of connection is available, such as JIS flanges, IDF ferules, etc.
  • Construction material is available with SUS316L or Hastelloy C22 (or equivalent)
  • Construction material of sheet and O-ring is available with EPDM or perfluoroelastomer.
For type other than those above, we will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.