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Bag Fit

Product Outline

It is the simple containment bag which protects the operator from handling high active APIfs, nano particle, etc. By containment with a PVC bag with gloves, it is possible to handle these powders without touching the product directly. It is possible to fit into any process and to contain only the required place at low-cost. It can also be applied for atmosphere control such as inert gas or low humidity air.


  • High active APIfs
  • Nanoparticles
  • Atmosphere control


  • Protects the operators by minimum containment.
  • Glove location, exhaust ports can be decided at the site according to the workability.
  • It is possible to attach a spray nozzle to carry out the wet down of the powders inside.
  • All parts can be removed from the bag and can be exchanged if necessary.

Practical Use

  • Seed crystal inlet to a reactor, the product discharge from a centrifuge, the inlet and discharge to a Conical@dryer, etc.
  • The exhaust systems with an ejector can perform ventilation in the bag, and atmosphere control is efficient.


We design and manufacture the Baf Fit to fit into any process equipments.


Configuration parts
Bag Fit for the inlet of the reactor