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History of NARA

Invariable, Frontier Spirit

The history of NARA starts in 1924. The engineers who had gathered realized a deep relationship of life with "powder", and pursued the unexplored area in modernization of powder processing. As a result, in the following year of 1925, the nation's first high speed impact type pulverizer was developed. After that, NARA has consistently devoted enthusiasm to the development of powder processing technology. We can say that the journey we have advanced with the spirit of foundation is itself a pioneering history of powder processing. The technology and spirit are still inherited and carried on today.

Invariable, High-conscious in Manufacturing

At the high-growth period of Showa (1925-1989), NARA encountered a turning point. The development of large-size dryer for mass production was successful, and was accompanied with the growth of petrochemical development under the increasing construction of large plants. During this period, we had the opportunity to experience manufacturing large-size equipments together with engineering of the peripheral equipments. Presently, we have reached to build up fabrication technology for Fluidized Bed Dryer with world's largest fluidized bed surface and Indirect Heat Transfer Type Dryer with world's largest disk diameter. By the spirit of manufacturing accumulated during this time, we have been thoroughly conscious on product quality.

Invariable, Avid Challenging Spirit

NARA has always been a "Development Oriented Company" with technology backbone, and has provided powder processing technologies and equipments to each industrial sector. Now the needs for powder processing have become more sophisticated. In the field of advanced technology, such as electronics, fine-ceramics or biotechnology, the discovery of "New Materials" has become an important issue. Laser Ablation creates nanoparticle by break up of materials into the molecular level. Surface Modification technology of particle has put complex material into practical use. Furthermore, the application with mechano-chemical reaction has created high-performance materials in the electroceramics field. We have fostered our technology for hardware as well as software in response to customer's needs.

New technology, new market -

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