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Business style of NARA

Since we have a strong will to offer the best solutions to the customers, we put strong efforts in detailed discussions and well prepared test trials. We also offer not only single equipment, but also the total engineering of overall plants. We handle contract manufacturing as well. We are the company who can take cares of various requests from the customer and offer various solutions.
Inquiry Test trials Design and Development Order Installation After Installation


In order to offer the best optimal solution to the customers, it is essential to have detailed discussion before the test trials. We often make a secrecy agreement with the customer for the purpose of correct understanding of the inquiry before going on to the test trials.
Since the solution may not be limited to one, we would like to have detailed discussions with the customer as deep as possible to address many different possible solutions. We believe that we can find the optimal solution out of the possibilities discussed. We support the customers not only from the point of hardware, or machinery, but also from the point of software, or process knowhow's.

Test trials

After the discussion, we conduct test trials at our facility with raw material supplied by our customer. Various types of test equipments are available, from small-scale lab machines to pilot-scale machines.

Design and Development

Based on the test results, we design the machine to meet the necessary specification for each customer. Considering also the up/down stream processes, detailed design works are offered to meet our customer's request. We sometimes develop new equipments for our customer's special requirement as well.
From the test results, NARA will design the machines in a custom made fashion. We welcome the challenge with special materials or special processes. If you have any problems or questions in powder or particle processing, please feel free to contact us.


We will repeatedly submit and offer the test trials and design works until our customer is fully satisfied with our design. After receiving the order, we will manufacture each equipment carefully with high product quality.


After the confirmation of the quality by inspection, the equipment will be installed in our customer's site. At the time of installation, NARA offers supervising works and commissioning.

After Installation

If you have any questions or problems after installation of the equipment, please contact us and we will take quick actions. We believe this is a very important job in order to operate the machine for a long period of time.