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New Material/Particle Design

In the filed of new material development, the final product property is influenced by the control of material in the fine particle level. With particle design technology such as precise mixing, composites, uniform dispersion, coating, preparation of nanoparticles and thin films, we have contributed to the wide range of application fields.

Application reference;
Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Electroceramics, Sensors, Magnetic materials, Pigments, Toner, Cosmetics, Biomaterials, Pharmaceutical materials, Automobile parts, Catalyst, Optical materials, Structural materials, Abrasion Resistance materials.

Nara Hybridization System (NHS)

Enables surface modification and preparation of composite materials of fine particles in a dry system, in a short process time.

Miralo (ML)

Enables mechano-chemical process, mechanical alloying, preparation of composite materials, and precision mixing in a dry process.

Laser Ablation System (L/A)

Nanoparticles are formed by pulsed laser irradiation to the target material. Film formation on substrates, fine particle coating, and a liquid phase process is possible.


Highly uniform solid dispersion is prepared by melting and extrusion with precisely temperature controlled barrels and twin screw shafts.

Media Slurry Dryer (MSD)

Drying is accomplished by feeding slurry material continuously to the medium in fluidized state due to hot air. The solids dispersed in the slurry with a size of primary particle are taken out.

Micros (MIC)

A ring-shaped media is employed in wet milling. Uniform distribution and fine particles milling of highly viscous slurry can be performed.

Sample Mill (SAM)

Lab type pulverizer for R&D, with GMP design, which is easily disassembled/cleaned. It can be used as a sizing machine by exchanging the parts.

Horizontal Type Nebulasizer (HNS)

New type of sizing machine with no screens. Since there is no screen clogging or breakage, sizing with wet granules is possible. It may be used as deagglomeration machine.

Nara Mixer and Granulator (NMG)

High-speed agitating mixer and granulator for mixing, granulating and coating. Wide ranges of product lineups from lab-scale to production scale, and GMP design are available.

Glove Box

Custom made glove box with the OEL level of 0.1`100ƒΚg/m3. Containment of various process equipments is possible.

Charge Point

Charge Point is a unit of split butterfly valves for transferring highly activated materials. This system is available for any occasions in the pharmaceutical processes.

Bag Fit

It is a disposable type soft isolator. The required part can be contained pinpoint.

Glass Filter Dryer (GFD)

It is a desk-top filter dryer for R&D use, which can dry crystals to a powder state. Agglomeration and lump formation during the drying process, by a typical filter press or a tray dryer are eliminated.


The valve insures a perfect tightness because of the expanding piston.

Mini - Extruder

It is an extruder for laboratories. It is possible to extrude at the smallest scale. Modular-screw design enables flexible settings for the screw configuration.