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The process of powder handling affects the quality of the final product. We offer a wide range of technology for powder materials such as mixing, granulating, drying, transporting, etc.

Fertilizer, Feed, Organic Materials, Inorganic Materials, Mining, Construction Materials, Agrichemicals, Cosmetics, Food, Health Food, Batteries, Fiber, Electroceramics, Magnetic Materials, Pigments, Tonner, Biomaterials, Pharmaceutical Materials, Automobile Parts, Catalysts, Optical Materials, Abrasion Resistance Materials, Biofuel, etc.

Jiyu Mill (Mill)

Any kind of materials can be pulverized. A wide range of pulverization from granular to fine powder is available. Milling large quantity of material in a short process time is possible.

Nara Paddle Dryer (NPD)

Indirect heat transfer type dryer of 2-shaft, has high heat transfer coefficient due to unique development of wedge shaped conductive blade and the equipment is compact. Applicable to reduced pressure operation, cooled operation using cool medium and high operation using heat medium.

Nara Mixer and Granulator (NMG)

High-speed agitating mixer and granulator for mixing, granulating and coating. Wide ranges of product lineups from lab-scale to production scale, and GMP design are available.

Micros (MIC)

A ring-shaped media is employed in wet milling. Uniform distribution and fine particles milling of highly viscous slurry can be performed.

Media Slurry Dryer (MSD)

Drying is accomplished by feeding slurry material continuously to the medium in fluidized state due to hot air. The solids dispersed in the slurry with a size of primary particle are taken out.

New Cosmomizer (COS)

Pulverizer with built-in classification mechanism employing centrifugal force. Particles are pulverized to extreme limits of several micron meters ? several 10 micron meters.

Hammer Mill (HM)

The mill is provided with swing hammer or chip hammer. A primary/secondary crushing for milling large raw material with maximum of 70-80mm.

Horizontal Type Nebulasizer (HNS)

New type of sizing machine with no screens. Since there is no screen clogging or breakage, sizing with wet granules is possible. It may be used as deagglomeration machine.

Super Clean Mill (SCM)

Pulverizer with GMP design, to prevent cross contamination, and excellent disassembly/cleaning, particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and food products.

Sample Mill (SAM)

Lab type pulverizer for R&D, with GMP design, which is easily disassembled/cleaned. It can be used as a sizing machine by exchanging the parts.

Super Jiyu Mill (SJM)

Impact type pulverizer designed for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Also suitable for operation undergoing frequent grade changes.

Baryonyx (BRX)

Rotor and stator perform continuous cutting and crushing of the material, as if cutting with scissors. Suitable for processing fibrous, sheet-like, and elastic materials.


It is a mill with high-speed rotation of sharp saw blades, applying potent shear force. Size of the milled product can be controlled with roster or screen attached to the discharge part.

Goblin (GOB)

By using liquid nitrogen, Goblin freezes and pulverizes materials, which are difficult to pulverize at normal temperature. Because of the low temperature process, it is suitable for foods and spices that require maintaining flavor.

Continuous Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (CT-FBD)

Fluidized bed dryer conducts continuous operation. Heat exchangers can be build-in and gas amount can be reduced. Main body of fluidized bed, auxiliary equipment like blower and dust collector are compact.

Batch Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (B-FBD)

Fluidized bed dryer operating by batch unit. Uniform drying can be achieved due to control of residence time.

Tornesh Dryer (TRD)

Swirling airflow is applied and it is innovatively efficient direct heating type dryer. Applicable when grade change is frequently required.

Glass Filter Dryer (GFD)

It is a desk-top filter dryer for R&D use, which can dry crystals to a powder state. Agglomeration and lump formation during the drying process, by a typical filter press or a tray dryer are eliminated.


The valve insures a perfect tightness because of the expanding piston.