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Toll Processing/Tests

Testing with all range of test equipments for the application of pulverizing, drying, heating, cooling, mixing, granulating, and surface modification is available.
Also, Toll processing with all range of epuipment is available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for testing.

Toll Processing/Tests

We have all range of toll processing and testing machines in our fucility.
Please feel free to contact us for your questions or inquiries.


Particle Surface Area
Measurement Device
Particle size distribution measurement devidce
Rotup Shaker
Sieve Shaker
Moisture content mesurement device
Micro Moisture Gauze (Mitsubishi Kasei)
Constant Temperature Zone
Optical Microscope
Scanning electron microscope (Keyence)
Hardness Measurement Device
Powder Tester
Precision Balance
Powder X-ray diffraction equipment
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Thermogravimetric analyzer
Dissolution tester
(Air speed meter, Vibration indicator, Noise meter, Film thickness meter, etx.)