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Mixing/Granulating/Sizing Machine

Mixing, granulating, and coating can be performed in the same vessel and dense spherical granule is obtainable. Lineups from GMP design for pharmaceutical product, mass production scale, and laboratory type suitable for formulation research and experiment are available. After granulation, no screen type sizing machine can be used to make the particle size distribution narrower, with very high yield, without the problem of screen clogging. Extruder with precise temperature control can be used for preparation of highly uniform solid dispersion for solubility enhancement of pharmaceutical compounds.

Nara Mixer and Granulator (NMG)

High-speed agitating mixer and granulator for mixing, granulating and coating. Wide ranges of product lineups from lab-scale to production scale, and GMP design are available.

Horizontal Type Nebulasizer (HNS)

New type of sizing machine with no screens. Since there is no screen clogging or breakage, sizing with wet granules is possible. It may be used as deagglomeration machine.


Highly uniform solid dispersion is prepared by melting and extrusion with precisely temperature controlled barrels and twin screw shafts.

Mini - Extruder

It is an extruder for laboratories. It is possible to extrude at the smallest scale. Modular-screw design enables flexible settings for the screw configuration.