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We offer the appropriate equipment based on the physical property (moisture content, condition, size, kinds of volatiles) and target moisture content of the material. We also have experience in engineering with the auxiliary equipments.

We offer test trials with each model for milling, drying, heating, cooling, mixing and surface modification. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to request a test traial.

Nara Paddle Dryer (NPD)

Indirect heat transfer type dryer of 2-shaft, has high heat transfer coefficient due to unique development of wedge shaped conductive blade and the equipment is compact. Applicable to reduced pressure operation, cooled operation using cool medium and high operation using heat medium.

Boono Cooler (NBC)

NBC is an indirect type cooler whose trough, Shafts, and Wings have Jacket structure to attain high heat (cooling) transferring efficiency.

Single Paddle Dryer (SPD)

Indirect heat transfer type dryer with 1-shaft, and applicable to reduced pressure operation. Also applicable to cooled operation using cool medium and high operation using heat medium.

Multi Fin Processor (NFP)

Multifin processor is a specialized dryer to falling-rate drying zone which require uniform distribution of residence time. Due to special partition mechanism of indirect heating shaft, high piston is achievable.

Continuous Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (C-FBD,CT-FBD)

Fluidized bed dryer conducts continuous operation. Heat exchangers can be build-in and gas amount can be reduced. Main body of fluidized bed, auxiliary equipments like blower and dust collector are compact.

Batch Type Fluidized Bed Dryer (B-FBD)

Fluidized bed dryer operating by batch unit. Uniform drying can be achieved due to control of residence time.

Tornesh Dryer (TRD)

Swirling airflow is applied and it is innovatively efficient direct heating type dryer. Applicable when grade change is frequently required.

Media Slurry Dryer (MSD)

Drying is accomplished by feeding slurry material continuously to the medium in fluidized state due to hot air. The solids dispersed in the slurry with a size of primary particle are taken out.

Nara Tower Dryer (NTD)

Direct heating type dryer in falling-rate drying zone. It is suitable for uniformly drying the granular resin which has excellent piston flow feature.

Flash Dryer (FD)

In this dryer, heat exchange is active at the same time with transport. Suitable to treat processing material of high humidity at the constant-rate drying zone.

Filter Dryer

Dried powder can be obtained from the slurry after the pressurized filtration and the drying operation under the vacuum condition. It is also possible to discharge powder under the containment condition.

Glass Filter Dryer (GFD)

It is a desk-top filter dryer for R&D use, which can dry crystals to a powder state. Agglomeration and lump formation during the drying process, by a typical filter press or a tray dryer are eliminated.